About 417 Escape Artist

What sets 417 Escape Artist apart?

417 Escape Artist offers four uniquely-themed escape rooms at their Springfield, MO location and four escape rooms plus a “Rage Room” in Branson! Jen and Ann design, create and furnish all of their own rooms and refresh their room themes as often as possible. When you book an adventure with 417 Escape Artist, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting a room that is truly handcrafted to challenge even the most seasoned sleuths.

417 Escape Artist is also proud to offer private rooms for you and your party at no extra cost (including no extra charge based on the number of escapers participating). At the Branson location, in addition to their Rage Room attraction, 417 Escape Artist offers two ‘challenge’ rooms where teams can go head to head in a battle to beat the clock first!

If you are ready to try your hand at becoming a 417 Escape Artist, visit the Springfield or Branson escape room pages to book your next adventure!

About Jen and Ann

417 Escape Artist owners and best friends Ann Sherman and Jen Strazzinski first met in 2010 while working together at a restaurant in Branson, Missouri. Ann needed help moving some belongings to a new house, Jen offered to help, and the rest is history!

Over the next few years, Jen and Ann continued talking about opening a business together. They weren’t exactly sure what the business would be, but they knew they wanted it to be fun! In 2015, Jen traveled out of Branson and tried her first escape room experience. When she returned to the restaurant, she shared her excitement with Ann and the two of them began tackling different escape room challenges together.

After becoming escape artists themselves, Jen and Ann decided that they were going to open up their own escape room business. The process of looking for the perfect spot and setting up their dream business began in late 2015. Then, on April 17, 2016, they opened the doors to 417 Escape Artist in Springfield, Missouri. Sleuths and adventurers were able to experience the thrill of beating (or almost beating) the clock and escaping Jen and Ann’s handcrafted rooms.

The pair opened the Branson location of 417 Escape Artist on April 17, 2018, and have been serving up thrills and challenges to escapers of all ages ever since.

417 Escape Artist Owners